Graduation of prices

total price
up to 2012-03-31: 15€ (early bird rabate)
from 2012-04-01: 20€

day tickets
Thursday: free
Friday: 4€ (early bird) or 6€ (late booking)
Saturday: 8€ (early bird) or 10€ (late booking)
Sunday: 4€ (early bird) or 6€ (late booking)

The boat ride is already included in Saturday’s day ticket as well as the combined ticket. For other events, additional costs are possible (for e.g. entry or meals). See the schedule for further information.


If you know German well enough to read complex questions, please fill out this online registration form.

Otherwise, you can register by sending answers to the following questions in a PM to erinacea who will then contact you with information about the payment arrangements as well as your registration number.

  1. Information about yourself
    • your BC nick
    • your real name
    • an email address to quickly contact you
  2. Optional information
    • your home town (if you don’t mind this being made public to other participants)
    • your hotel (if you already know and would like other participants to know so you can arrange meetings)
    • the booking number if you’re booking within the A&O room contingent
  3. Participation dates and activities
    • On which of the UnCon days (Thursday to Sunday) are you planning to attend?
    • In which activities are you planning to take part? (See our schedule for a full list of planned events.) Most importantly, are you planning to take part in Friday’s joint dinner and/or the boat ride? For all other events, we’re simply trying to gauge the expected interest.
  4. Companions: Are you going to be accompanied by anyone else?
    • Please give the BC nick or a name to put on the name tag for any person accompanying you.
    • Also state to which events they will accompany you.
    • For adults, please state whether they are an active Bookcrosser or not.
    • For children, if they are taking part in the joint dinner or boat ride, please state the age. Otherwise, age and/or gender are optional information to be made available to other participants to help planning get-togethers.

Again, please send your registration via PM to erinacea. We apologize for the inconvenience!

For a (non-current) list of attendees, click here.